Live Student Voice For Maths

An online student voice system has been set up for Maths.  You can log onto this during the lesson and record your views of how we are doing.  This will help us all to improve:


Mr Kyne

Video of students teaching class

We have started a video channel to show the students teaching and exploring Maths. In  the first installment Joe B explains the finer points of algebra.


Students’ Coaching Success

This term we have been asking students with the right ability and attitude to act as coaches.  In some cases students actually planned and held whole lessons.  The following students excelled:

Ashleigh B – for regular coaching support in y10.  Her work was recently commended by the HMI inspectors.

Henry B – for a great maths lesson based on coordinates and space exploration.


Watch this space for the teachers of the future.

Speed Times Table Success

An amazing speed table competition was held at the end of last term.   20 students took part with great gusto.

The results for the x7 were:

First – Ellie K 9.77s!!!!!!!

Second – Ewan P

Third – James B

The results for the x3 were:

First – Joe B

Second – Ross V

Third – Tom G

 Check out this  weird times table:


Maths Snow Work

Maths work today is listed in the blog as follows:

It is only 30 mins work! Then enjoy the snow.

Go to

User: springfieldsa

Password: great


Shape>2D & 3D shapes>Nets of 3D shape

Shape>2D & 3D shapes>Properties of triangles


Shape>2D & 3D shapes>Nets of 3D shape

Shape>2D & 3D shapes>Properties of triangles


Number>Multiply and Divide>x3,4,x5,x,6x,x7,x8 practice


Number> Ratio and proportion>Ratio introduction

Number> Ratio and proportion>Ratio dividing


Number>Ratio and proportion>Ratio introduction

Number> Ratio and proportion>Ratio dividing


Algebra>graphs>Conversion graphs

Algebra>graphs>Plotting graphs


Algebra>coordinates>Coordinates 1

Algebra>coordinates>Coordinates 2


Algebra>graphs>Conversion graphs

Algebra>graphs>Plotting graphs

Algebra>graphs>Real life graphs


Algebra>coordinates>Coordinates 1

Algebra>coordinates>Coordinates 2


Launching Money Sense

We are launching a Money Sense project this year.  We will start this term with focused homework packs to ensure students understand coins, notes and how to calculate change.  We hope to expand this to all elements of personal finance as the year develops.

Art and Numeracy Project

The first project fused maths and art together to explore number sequences and ratio.  Year 7 and 9 discovered how the universe is controlled by the mysterious Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean.  They saw how hidden within Leonardo da Vinci’s work is the golden mean.

The art work involved developing colour and ratio sequences to create some great art work:

Functional Skills Level 1 Qualification Success

5 Passes were achieved before Christmas by our Y10 and Y11 students.  This qualification is equivalent to 1/2 GCSE at grade D – E.  It demonstrates an ability to solve real life problems with their maths.  Well  done!!

Exam Passed!

Term 2 Mathletics competition catches fire

This term the school was gripped by Mathletics fever.  There were some great results and it was really hard to choose winners.  However the top prize went to Bradley T with a score of 17750 points which was equivalent to 17 hours of maths work WOW!!


A Weird Competition Term 1

The students calculated how many farts it took to blow up the Maths room.

The winners were Ellie Keith and Matt Crosby.

It requires 30,000 farts!!!!

A great calculation using volume, concentration and division.